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boy ivy, formerly known as Joy Daniels, is a songwriter, producer, and DJ with an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation. Their music seamlessly combines hip-hop, R&B, soul, dance, house, and electronic elements while also exploring innovative sonic playgrounds. A Berklee College of Music graduate, boy ivy's diverse influences shape their artistry.

As a producer and DJ, boy ivy draws inspiration from icons like Honey Dijon, Black Coffee, Beyoncé, and Rihanna, infusing their music with vitality and an irresistible groove. Before becoming boy ivy, Joy Daniels spent over 15 years in the industry, working as a background vocalist for Stevie Wonder and Sam Smith, also proving their prowess as a songwriter and producer. Joy's music and collaborations have been featured on Bravo and Fox.

boy ivy's artistry extends beyond music, inspiring fans to embrace life, laugh, love deeply, and dance joyously. Their music serves as a vibrant soundtrack to a life lived to the fullest. Proudly identifying as non-binary and trans-masculine, boy ivy's commitment to authenticity shines through. As they evolve, their artistic vision remains a testament to the power of transformation, self-discovery, and the pursuit of creative excellence.

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